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What is a Fair Fight Film anyway?

Fair Fight Films was formed originally to produce the short film, In Memory of Me. The film was funded through private investors and grants from companies including Technicolor, Panavision and Kodak who came on board based on the strength of the director’s reel and the script. The film went on to great success in festivals, was sold to and premiered on LOGO TV and has been viewed over 30 thousand times on the web.  The script is now available as a feature.


Fair Fight Films seeks to make films and TV shows that center on a female protagonist as hero or anti-hero. We want to tell stories about women in the margins, women who’ve overcome personal obstacles and women who have each other’s backs. We are particularly interested in themes of personal identity, career and camaraderie among women.


Currently, we are in development on the feature film 7 on 10.


We meet all of SAG's diversity requirements. Email us for more information.


Crew? Tell us why you want to work on 7 on 10.


Like minded individual? Email us and tell us who you are and why this topic is important to you so we all stay motivated and change it. Offer your own links. Continue the conversation. SUPPORT WOMEN FILMMAKERS in any way you can.

Okay I'm all riled up... now what do I do?

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