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What is a Fair Fight Film anyway?

Fair Fight Films was formed originally to produce the short film, In Memory of Me. The film was funded through private investors and grants from companies including Technicolor, Panavision and Kodak who came on board based on the strength of the director’s reel and the script. The film went on to great success in festivals, was sold to and premiered on LOGO TV and has been viewed over 30 thousand times on the web.  The script is now available as a feature.


Fair Fight Films seeks to make films and TV shows that center on a female protagonist as hero or anti-hero. We want to tell stories about women in the margins, women who’ve overcome personal obstacles and women who have each other’s backs. We are particularly interested in themes of personal identity, career and camaraderie among women.


Currently, we are in development on the feature film 7 on 10 scheduled to shoot  Spring, 2018.


Our vision is much larger than one project. It is that Fair Fight FIlms becomes a clearinghouse for incredibly talented female directors, writers and DP's who are currently not on the hiring radar of networks and studios.  Sound cool?  Read on...


The major film studios and television networks say they need a pool of diverse talent and if they had one, they’d hire more female directors.  Okay.... then the “diversity programs” clearly can't do it alone. Of all the women who went through the various programs, few are now working as TV or film directors. It's helpful, but we need to do more. In features, women are coming through the ranks by creating their own work. Unless they are independently wealthy they must rely on investors to make their films. But women aren’t investing at nearly the rate men do. Can you really blame men for wanting to see on screen what they enjoy and finance?  Contrary to popular belief men don’t make up more viewership, merely more money.


One of our goals is to provide an answer to this. We want to create a place for female investors to put their money behind the images that are important to them on screen and at the same time create opportunities for extremely talented, qualified female directors, writers and director’s of photography. 


In addition we notice that roles for women, particularly those over 40 are a very small number compared to men's roles, even though viewership of women in that demographic is very high. Same issue. Men are funding what they want to see on TV and in film.  We can empower ourselves to change this by creating a pool of female investors and creatively talented women who can tell great stories with strong. layered roles for women.  I’m not talking about ONLY films about women.  It’s important to tell all kinds of stories but it’s also important that there are the nuanced, interesting roles in those stories for females of all ages and types as there are for males.


This is only entertainment, why is it so important?


Because as we know the images we see on TV and in film change the culture of this country every day. It affects jobs, wages, diversity issues and even congressional representation.  THAT’S WHY.

Because young girls and grown women need to know that their stories are not less important and that after forty they don’t just disappear or become irrelevant. THAT’S WHY.

Because women and girls need to know that aspiring to the same jobs for equal pay as men is a reality, not a fantasy. THAT’S WHY.


Want to read more? Here are some great links to statistics and articles on women in media...

Geena Davis' Institue on Gender and Media

Melissa Silverstein's blog on Women and Hollywood



Fair Fight Films strives to be a clearinghouse for female directors, producers, writers and DP’s who are exceptionally talented and ready to work. We will create that work and we will help them go on to get and create more work.

Get involved in 7 on 10. We meet all of SAG's diversity requirements. Email us for more information.


Crew? Tell us why you want to work on 7 on 10.


Like minded individual? Email us and tell us who you are and why this topic is important to you so we all stay motivated and change it. Offer your own links. Continue the conversation. SUPPORT WOMEN FILMMAKERS in any way you can.

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